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myTEAM TRIUMPH is an athletic ride-along program created for children, teens, adults, and veterans who are disabled and would not normally be able to experience endurance events such as triathlons or road races. To find out more, click on ABOUT US.

How do I get INVOLVED?

As you find out more about myTEAM TRIUMPH, you will notice that we use certain terms to describe our participants. Here is a quick summary:

CAPTAIN: the person with a disability who will go along for a ride & will be the main focus of the race experience. For more details, click on CAPTAINS.

ANGEL: the athlete volunteering their abilities to push or pull the Captain through our events. For more details, click on ANGELS.

VOLUNTEER: any able bodied person who is willing to help us set up for an event, transfer our Captains from one piece of equipment to another and generally support us during an event. As these needs vary from event to event, please contact our ANGEL or CAPTAIN DIRECTOR by using the CONTACT US link in the top LEFT corner of our HOME PAGE.

DONOR: any individual who is willing to support us finacially so that we can make this experience for our Captains possible. You can either donate directly to our General Fund or to an Individual Fundraiser. For more details, click on DONATE.

SPONSOR: any individual or corporation who is willing to support us at a $5,000 level or higher. For more details, click on SPONSOR.

We hope this helps clarify our commonly used terminology. Should you have any other questions, please use the CONTACT US tab to direct your comments to us.



Saturday  November 9,, 2024


“To enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals with disabilities by fostering lasting, authentic relationships through the teamwork environment of endurance athletics.”



To register as a CAPTAIN or ANGEL for any of our 2022 events, please click on the link ABOVE. Note that races are split by region:





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